Aviv 613 Vodka Quiz

AVIV Brand Ambassador Program

Introducing the AVIV 613 Vodka Brand Ambassador Quiz, a program designed exclusively for bartenders, waitresses, and liquor store employees who are passionate about premium spirits. This interactive quiz offers an engaging way to deepen your knowledge of AVIV 613 Vodka, an ultra-luxury artisan vodka crafted in Israel, while giving you the chance to win exclusive branded merchandise.

Learn About AVIV Vodka

Participants will navigate through a series of questions, exploring the unique qualities, distillation process, and rich heritage of AVIV 613 Vodka. Successful completion of the quiz not only enhances your expertise but also rewards you with stylish branded items, making you a distinguished ambassador of our unique vodka. Join us in celebrating the art of vodka making and become a part of the AVIV 613 family today.

Exclusive Prizes

Become a brand champion with our exclusive range of prizes, specially curated for those with a discerning taste for luxury. Winners of our Brand Ambassador Quiz will have the unique opportunity to claim:

  • Limited Edition T-Shirts: Adorn yourself with our elegantly designed t-shirts, featuring the sleek AVIV 613 Vodka logo. Crafted for comfort and style, these t-shirts are not just apparel; they’re a statement of luxury and exclusivity.
  • Custom Shot Glasses: Elevate your spirits with our bespoke AVIV 613 Vodka shot glasses. Each glass is a masterpiece, embodying the essence of our ultra-luxury artisan vodka, making every sip an experience to remember.
  • Exclusive Barwear: Outfit your bar with the sophistication it deserves with our range of barwear. From aprons to bar tools, each item is designed to blend functionality with the artisanal elegance of AVIV 613 Vodka.


AVIV 613 Vodka Quiz

Welcome to the Aviv 613 Vodka Quiz.

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A. Which is NOT an ingredient that AVIV is distilled from?

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B. How many languages are hidden on AVIV’s bottle that say “Celebrate Life”?

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C. How many hidden, positive, spiritually charged messages are within AVIV?

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D. Where is AVIV produced and bottled?

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E. What is the ritual of AVIV that every customer should be reminded to do?

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F. Which one of these unique attributes is NOT TRUE of AVIV?

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G. How many ingredients are almost all other vodkas made from?

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H. What does 613 represent?

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I. How many Gold Medals has AVIV won in blind-tasting competitions?

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J. What does AVIV mean?

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K. Is AVIV Gluten Free?

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L. Why is one of the sides of AVIV's bottle curved?

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M. What is the most crafted spirit in the world?

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N. Why is AVIV’s water source important?

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O. Where is the water in AVIV sourced from?

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P. What is the toast engraved on AVIV's bottle in English and Hebrew?

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