Our Story


It all started when Marc Grossfield, a serial entrepreneur, met Yossi Gold, owner and master distiller of vodka and other spirits in Israel. The Gold family has been perfecting the art of making vodka since their ancestors immigrated to the Holy Land in 1824. Gold and Grossfield formed a close friendship and together founded Tzfat Spirits of Israel, LLC. Then Grossfield asked Eddie Phillips, original importer of Belvedere and Chopin vodka and friend of the family, to help with the taste profile distilled from seven fruits and grains grown in the Holy Land.

While Gold was working in the lab distilling and filtering various combinations of the ingredients, Grossfield worked on creating the brand name and bottle. It took Gold three years to perfect the recipe, which is likely the most arduous and expensive production process in the vodka category. Gold makes two batches of alcohol, one distilled three times from figs, dates, olives, grapes, and pomegranates; and the second distilled three times from wheat and barley. The two alcohols are blended to a precise proportion and distilled once more for a total of four distillations, then filtered six times before adding water from the Sea of Galilee. The result is an award-winning vodka with an exquisite bouquet and taste of the Holy Land.

Grossfield named the brand AVIV, the Hebrew word for “spring” in the context of “renewal of spirit” and worked with a team of designers to create AVIV’s bottle which would be a spiritual metaphor for the soul and spreading loving, grateful messages in multiple languages. Grossfield added 613 which represents the number of laws in the Bible, and when read backwards (316) represents the process of how AVIV is made (Hebrew reads right to left).

I am delighted that so many people and vodka connoisseurs are praising and enjoying AVIV 613.

Marc Grossfield, Founder


Experience AVIV’s multi-layered bouquet. While other vodka is distilled from one ingredient, AVIV 613 is distilled from seven — wheat, barley, olives, figs, dates, grapes and pomegranates; and, with the water from the Sea of Galilee. The result is a exquisite bouquet and taste unlike any other spirit in the world.


AVIV 613 is a blend of fruit and grain alcohol. Two batches of mash are created, one from olives, figs, dates, grapes, and pomegranates; the other from wheat and barley. After each mash is fermented, they are individually distilled three times (3) and then the alcohols are blended to a precise proportion before they are distilled one more time (1). The blended, four-times-distilled alcohol is filtered six times (6) before adding water from the Sea of Galilee. The fruit-grain blend give AVIV its warm, sweet bouquet. The Sea of Galilee is the lowest elevation fresh water source in the world and contributes to AVIV’s smoothness.


Because AVIV 613 is distilled from pomegranates, figs, dates, grapes, olives, wheat and barley, there are a variety of aromas you may experience. Judges in the vodka competitions which AVIV participated mentioned caraway rye bread, herbs, various fruits, and anise.

AVIV 613 is distilled four times. Distilling more than four times removes too much aroma, taste, and character.


Download our helpful guide that tells the complete story of AVIV 613 Vodka, including the process and meaning behind our bottle


We believe that leading a grateful life leads to a life of joy and fulfillment. One way of being grateful is to acknowledge the people around you and the happenings that are good in your life right now, not dwelling on the past or worrying too much about the future.

We believe that real wealth is the accumulation of loving relationships, joyful moments, and the time and energy you invested in other people, your community, and worthy causes… all things money can’t buy.

We believe that it’s how we respond to our major challenges, not the challenges themselves, that define our character.

So, the next time you bring out AVIV 613 remember to make a heartfelt toast to someone or something that happened in your life today.