Our Story


It all started in 1824 when a family of vodka artisans immigrated from the Russian Empire to the spiritual town of Tzfat located 3,074 feet above the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land. From generation to generation, they have been perfecting their art, and their masterpiece is AVIV 613.

AVIV 613’s layers of aroma are created by distilling seven ingredients, not one like other vodkas. AVIV 613 is crafted using a formulation process which is very time consuming and expensive because it requires alcohol made from two mashes — one with wheat and barley; and the other with figs, dates, olives, grapes, and pomegranates. Add water from the lowest elevated fresh water source in the world and the result is an exquisite bouquet of flavor-notes with a silky smooth finish. AVIV 613 is best appreciated when it is served neat.

Influenced by its surroundings, every part of AVIV 613 is infused with spirituality. They are all hidden, like the spiritual world, waiting for you to discover them. AVIV is the Hebrew word for “spring” in the context of “renewal of spirit.” AVIV’s bottle is a spiritual metaphor for the soul, and living a grateful life filled with acts of lovingkindness.

Hold the bottle sideways and look at the side “IMPORTED.” Written in English and Hebrew is a wish for you inspired by Kabbalah “Pour with a heart of joy and toast from the bottom of your heart and may all your good wishes will be fulfilled”

With your first sip, enjoy our delicious bouquet of aroma, and use our ritual of making a heartfelt toast to what you are grateful for in the moment to help you bring more positive spiritual energy into your world.

First Photo, Town of Tzfat high above the Sea of Galilee where the family of artisans whose current generation crafted AVIV 613 lived for 131 years. Second Photo, friends making a toast with an AVIV 613 cocktail made with champagne. 


We believe that leading a grateful life leads to a life of joy and fulfillment. Being grateful is to acknowledge the people around you and the happenings that are good in your life right now, not dwelling on the past or worrying too much about the future.

We believe that real wealth is the accumulation of loving relationships, joyful moments, and the time and energy you’ve invested in other people, your community, and worthy causes… all things money can’t buy.

We believe that physical vessels like AVIV 613 can add spiritual energy to your blessings and toasts. So, the next time you bring out AVIV 613 remember our ritual of making a heartfelt toast to someone or something good that happened today. This is sure to bring more positive spiritual energy into your world.