The Bottle


AVIV 613 Vodka was not created just to make a better vodka. It was created to help bring more spiritually positive energy into the world. It’s a spiritual experience, one that begins not with the first sip, but with the bottle itself-the triangular shape represents the soul. At the base, the bottle begins as an irregular triangle and tapers to an equilateral triangle at the top, representing the journey to perfect one’s character. One side of the bottle is slightly curved, which represents the challenges we encounter throughout our lifetime. VIVA AVIV™



Hold the AVIV 613 bottle at an angle that hits any light source, and you’ll notice symbols, words, and phrases etched into the glass in a variety of languages. These messages are inspirational, empowering, and spiritual. They give voice to jubilation and the importance of celebrating the things we feel most grateful for.

AVIV is all about celebrating the wonderful things in our lives and not taking life for granted. And toasting with AVIV 613 is a fantastic way to salute the moments to acknowledge and celebrate the people we care about at home and at work.


AVIV 613’s bottle shape is not only beautiful, but it holds deep meaning for living in our world. Its triangle shape symbolizes the soul according to Kabbalah. The bottom of the bottle is an irregular triangle, and the top is an equilateral triangle symbolizing the soul, out of balance at birth, and in perfect harmony at maturity. Notice that the bottle narrows as it grows from the bottom to the top, representing the reduction of ego–the cause of all frustration and anger. One of the bottle’s sides is curved, representing the curves that life throws us–the challenges we face during our lifetime. And that’s when the meaning transfers from the bottle design to its graphic design. VIVA AVIV


In spite of what happens to us in our lifetime, we need to find joy and all the opportunities we can to celebrate our lives. That’s why one side of the bottle is dedicated to the words “Celebrate Life.” It appears on the bottle in 22 languages. VIVA AVIV


The cap of AVIV 613 is in the shape of a crown. This represents the top of the ten Sefiros of Kabbalah called “Keter” which symbolizes absolute compassion.


The triangular shape of the bottle represents three parts of the soul… body, mind and spirit. The bottom of the bottle is an irregular triangle representing the soul at birth, out of balance and in need of repair. Moving from the bottom of the bottle to the top represents life’s journey. The top of the bottle is an equilateral triangle representing the soul perfected at maturity. The bottle narrows from the bottom to the top representing decreasing the size of your ego, the cause of anger and frustration.


Notice that two faces of the bottle are straight planes whereby the bottom of the bottle is parallel with the top. The two straight sides of the bottle are the frosted side and the side labeled with “IMPORTED FROM ISRAEL”. Now look at the third side, the side labeled with the words “100% NEUTRAL SPIRITS.” This side is curved which represents the curves that life throws at us, the critical challenges we face during our lives.

Notice that all of the spiritual symbols on the bottle are on the curved side. These are symbols of good wishes, protection and spiritual strength. They are on the curved side of the bottle because it is during life’s most challenging times that we look to the spiritual world for answers and healing.


Notice that all of the spiritual attributes of AVIV 613 are hidden -the spiritual meaning of its water source and distilled grains and fruits, the shape of its bottle and cap, and its spiritual words and symbols. This is because the spiritual world is hidden from us until we look for it.