The Luxury of Living a Grateful Life

An artisanally crafted vodka infused with spirituality and made with water from the Sea of Galilee


A Unique Blend of Seven Ingredients

Other vodka is distilled from one ingredient, AVIV 613 is distilled from seven ingredients - pomegranates, wheat, barley, olives, figs, dates, and grapes, and blended with fresh water from the Sea of Galilee.

Over 200 Years of Perfecting Our Craft

AVIV 613 Vodka is crafted by a family of vodka artisans who have been perfecting the art of making vodka since the early 1800's.

Infused With 100 Hidden Spiritual Elements & 27 Languages

Every part of AVIV is infused with spirituality. There are over 100 hidden elements.

Luxury In A Bottle

AVIV 613 is likely the most crafted, complex spirit in the world. AVIV is very expensive to produce because two separate batches of alcohol are made, followed by six filtrations and water from the Sea of Galilee.

A Grateful Toast

AVIV 613 was created to present a multi-layered bouquet; and encourage spiritual moments of gratitude.