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At AVIV 613 Vodka, we celebrate the fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. Our vodka, crafted from seven sacred ingredients, embodies a rich heritage and a commitment to unparalleled quality. Each ingredient plays a vital role in creating a spirit that is as unique as it is exceptional.

Wheat and Barley: The Foundation The journey of AVIV 613 Vodka begins with wheat and barley, grains that have been staples in distillation for centuries. These grains provide the vodka with its smooth texture and subtle complexity. The wheat offers a hint of sweetness, while the barley adds depth and richness, forming the backbone of our distinctive flavor profile.

Olives: A Mediterranean Touch Olives, a symbol of peace and prosperity, bring a unique character to AVIV 613. Grown in the sun-drenched orchards of the Holy Land, the olives impart a delicate, slightly savory note that balances the sweetness of the grains. This addition sets AVIV apart from other vodkas, offering a hint of the Mediterranean in every sip.

Figs: Sweetness and Complexity Figs add a layer of sweetness and complexity to our vodka. Known for their rich flavor and historical significance, figs contribute to the unique bouquet of AVIV 613. Their natural sugars enhance the overall sweetness, creating a harmonious blend that is both smooth and flavorful.

Dates: Natural Sweetness Dates, another ancient fruit, are prized for their intense sweetness and rich flavor. The inclusion of dates in AVIV 613 enhances the vodka’s smooth finish and adds a touch of natural sweetness. This ingredient ensures that each sip is a celebration of flavor and tradition.

Grapes: The Essence of the Vineyard Grapes, known for their versatility and richness, bring a fruity elegance to our vodka. Sourced from the fertile vineyards of Israel, the grapes add a subtle yet distinct fruitiness that complements the other ingredients. This element of AVIV 613 pays homage to the region’s winemaking heritage.

Pomegranates: A Burst of Freshness Pomegranates, with their vibrant color and tart flavor, infuse AVIV 613 with a refreshing burst of freshness. This ingredient not only adds a delightful tang but also enhances the overall complexity of the vodka. The pomegranate’s role in our blend is a testament to our commitment to using the finest and most unique ingredients.

Water from the Sea of Galilee: The Purest Source The final and perhaps most crucial ingredient is the water sourced from the Sea of Galilee, the world’s lowest elevated natural freshwater source. This water contributes to the unparalleled smoothness of AVIV 613. Its purity and spiritual significance elevate our vodka, making each sip a connection to the land and its rich heritage.

The Art of Distillation The creation of AVIV 613 involves a meticulous distillation process. Each ingredient is distilled three times separately to preserve its unique character. The grain and fruit alcohols are then blended and distilled once more, resulting in a total of four distillations. This careful process ensures that the natural flavors are retained, creating a vodka that is both smooth and flavorful.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship The blend of these seven sacred ingredients makes AVIV 613 the most artfully crafted vodka on the market. It is not just a spirit; it is a celebration of life, heritage, and the pursuit of excellence. From the fields of Israel to your glass, every step of AVIV 613’s creation reflects a commitment to quality and a reverence for tradition.