AVIV 613 is the most crafted vodka in the world. It is vodka, but with a taste profile that is a bouquet of flavor notes, very different from any other. AVIV 613 is distilled from seven ingredients, not one like other vodkas.

While 6.1.3. has a spiritual meaning, 3.1.6. represents AVIV’s formulation process. The process begins by sourcing wheat, barley, olives, figs, dates, grapes, and pomegranates grown in the Holy Land.

Our master distiller runs three distillations of the strained, fermented mash made from barley and wheat, and three distillations of the strained, fermented mash made from olives, figs, dates, grapes, and pomegranates.

The amount of each ingredient is part of our secret recipe that took three years to perfect. We blend the grain and fruit alcohol and distill it once more for a total of four distillations. Further incremental distillations would diminish the aroma and character that makes vodka delicious. AVIV is filtered six times before adding water to obtain a 40% alcohol/80 proof spirit.


AVIV’s water is sourced from the Sea of Galilee, the world's lowest elevated natural freshwater source. This contributes to AVIV’s smoothness. The result is a masterful bouquet of flavor that is distinct from all other spirits. AVIV’s aroma bouquet has been recognized with Gold Medals in five blind-tasting events.


AVIV brings positive energy into the world by inspiring toasts of gratitude to the people and good things happening in your life right now. AVIV helps you connect spiritually as you make a toast because you know that AVIV is infused with spiritual energy.

The word AVIV in Hebrew means “spring” in the context of the renewal of spirit, and VIVA means “to live” and is an expression of goodwill in Latin-based languages. Notice that AVIV ’s logo from any view is always AVIV because AVIV’s mirror image is the same.

When you place AVIV on the shelf, you see a beautiful triangular bottle with engraved design elements. But there is more – a world of spiritual elements hidden in the formulation of AVIV, its cap, and the architecture of its bottle, and inscribed on the bottle are over 100 positive, spiritually charged messages, symbols, and numbers for you to discover.

Every part of AVIV, not just its bottle, is infused with spirituality. A portion of the sand used to manufacture AVIV’s bottle is from the Negev Desert in Israel. When you pick up the bottle you are holding a piece of the Holy Land in your hand.

AVIV’s seven ingredients are indigenous to the Holy Land and mentioned in the Bible. AVIV’s water source is the Sea of Galilee (or Israel’s aquifers when the Sea is too low to harvest — both representing the most spiritual water sources in the world according to many beliefs.


AVIV’s bottle architecture symbolizes life’s journey of perfecting one’s character through acts of lovingkindness. The bottle has an irregular triangle at its base with an equilateral triangle at its shoulder. Two sides of the bottle are flat, and the third side is curved. The triangular shape symbolizes the three parts of one’s soul.

The base of the bottle represents one’s unbalanced soul at birth in need of refinement. We are all born innocent, but we must learn how to be righteous, and kind, and live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. The bottle narrows as you go from the bottom to the top representing life’s journey of reducing one’s ego. The top of AVIV’s bottle is an equilateral triangle symbolizing the soul perfected and in balance at life’s end.

Now, hold the bottle horizontally and turn it slightly back and forth until the light hits it just right to see many more hidden messages and symbols.

In spite of life’s challenges, we strive to find joy and celebrate our lives. That’s why “Celebrate Life” is written on the bottle, in 27 languages representing the values of inclusion, tolerance, and diversity for all races, colors, religions, creeds, genders, languages, and national origins.

Also on the same side of the bottle is a toast from AVIV to you originating from Kabbalah, written in English and in Hebrew, “Pour with a heart of joy and toast from the bottom of your heart, and may all your good wishes be fulfilled.” We wish only good things for you; and when you serve AVIV to others, you are wishing only good things for them.

On the curved side of the bottle are symbols from the Holy Land representing good wishes for a life filled with health and happiness. They are on the curved side of the bottle because they impact the curves/challenges that happen in our lives. All 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are on the bottle and each one has a deep spiritual meaning (search Kabbalah sources).

You will see a Hamza, which looks like an upside-down hand, representing protection, with an eye inside of it which represents warding off the evil inclination/temptations. You will also see the ten sefirot (emanations) of Kabbalah covering most of the side, and the Star of David made up of two opposing interconnected triangles symbolizing the opposites that create life itself, of heaven and earth, of light and darkness … all positive, spiritually charged symbols. The only colors on the bottle are blue and white which represent Israel where AVIV is produced and bottled.

There are many more spiritual symbols, including numerology like the 316/613. They are all positive, representing goodwill toward all people. (search “gematria”)

The Ritual of a Grateful Toast

When you take your first sip of AVIV, we hope that you will make a toast to someone or something you’re grateful for that is happening in your life at this time -- not just the major things, but people and happenings that you might otherwise take for granted. Being grateful for the good things in your life is only meaningful for you and the world when you acknowledge them.

Everything about AVIV — its name, seven distilled ingredients, water, recipe and formulation, the architecture of its bottle and cap, messaging on the bottle, and AVIV’s ritual are spiritually meaningful. And that is why we created it for you. So, before you take your first sip, please remember to make a heartfelt toast to acknowledge a positive, beautiful, loving person or something positive that is happening in your life.

Enjoy our delicious bouquet and bring more positive spiritual energy into your world with AVIV.